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Dear ladies and gentlemans!

We are inviting you to take part in the



Which unify specialized exhibitions

18 th international specialized exhibition «Housing»

10 th international specialized exhibition «Engineering сommunications of buildings and constructions»

1 st specialized exhibition «ChistoTAT»

The 13-16 september 2016



Kazan Exhibition Center

Supported by

Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing Communal Service of the Republic of Tatarstan

The Executive Committee of the municipality of Kazan

Tatarstan Builders Union


About region


The building complex of the Republic of Tatarstan is one of the most advanced in the Russian Federation. Over the past five years in Tatarstan annually introduced 2.4 million square meters housing  and on this activities the Republic consistently ranks among the top twenty regions of inputting habitation per capita in the Russian Federation. The same amount is planned for 2016.

Building is one of the basic sectors of the economy in the Republic, which occupies more than 9% in its structure. At the end of 2015 the scope of work performed by the activity «Construction», amounted to 285.2 billion rubles, or 100.1% in comparable prices to the 2014 year.

In the last five years in Tatarstan put into operation more than 80 large and medium-sized facilities that produce building materials, which are traditional for the Republic and not. In total, the building complex of the republic is now supplied materials by 550 companies. Today, innovative materials produced and used in the country, the issues of which is organized in recent years; There are large-format porous ceramic blocks, cellular and solid polycarbonate, acrylic glass, thin-film insulating coating and etc. As part of the state and national programs actively goes construction of social and cultural tasks. Republic of Tatarstan on the main macroeconomic indicators is traditionally considered to the Russian regions-leaders.

The republic in terms of gross regional product occupies the 7th place in Russia, in terms of investment in fixed assets - 4th place, in industrial production and construction - 5th place, in retail trade turnover - 9th place, housing construction - 10th place.

According to the National Investment climate condition rating of Russian regions 2015 (developed by ANO "Agency of strategic projects for the promotion of new initiatives"), the Republic of Tatarstan is a leader region which ensure the most favorable investment conditions for businesses.

At the end of 5 th Russian competition of municipalities of the Russian Federation which was held in April 2014, Kazan recognized as the best municipality of the Russian Federation. In addition, Kazan entered to the top ten cities where easy to do business in the «Forbes» magazine.

In the Republic of Tatarstan within the framework of the National business initiative ANO "Agency for Strategic Initiatives for promotion new projects" carried out the implementation of "road maps" to reduce administrative barriers to business development.





It is practically the only professional platform for dialogue between experts of the construction industry and Housing and Communal Services with customers operating in the autumn in the Volga Federal Region. There is an active preparation for a new phase of the construction season, the beginning of mass internal finishing works and installation of utilities.

This is an opportunity to promote your products and services while actively planning operations for the next calendar year on the market of Tatarstan, which is the most dynamic and active in the Volga Federal Region.

This is an opportunity to find business partners and profitable business solutions, meet with current market trends and obtain professional advice through an extensive and varied program of events, which gather at the area of the exhibition specialists of the construction industry and housing.

The Forum 2016 - a comprehensive business program, formed in partnership with key ministries and trade unions, that is a guarantee of meeting of specialists of the construction industry and Housing and Communal Services, from decision-makers to the exhibition participants.

1.     Business meeting, whose main purpose - conducting business negotiations and partnerships between the enterprises of the Republic of Tatarstan and other Russian regions;

2.     Targeted meetings or exchange of business contacts that allow the most efficient plan for negotiations during the exhibition at the expense of previously informing the target visitors about each participant exhibitions;

3.     Purchasing in Kazan - an event whose purpose is to meet potential suppliers of products for the building and repair of the leading retail chains in the region

4.     Business project «Innovative materials and construction technology and housing»

5.     Championship of cleaning «Professional Cleaning Master»

6.     Competition «The best product of the exhibition», which main task is to identify among the company's members the best representative the latest advanced technology in the field of construction;

7.     «Business building and Internet» 2nd IT-industry conference for the construction business. Simple talks about complicated things.

8.     Conference of authoritative industry associations, seminars, round tables;

9.     The presentation, organized by Forum participants

10.  Open Days of monument to the architectural heritage of the Republic of Tatarstan - the main building of the exhibition center "Kazanskaya Yarmarka", which is celebrating 60 years in 2016.




• Design

• Finishing materials (for interior and exterior)

• Building structures and products

• Building chemistry (chemical additives, paints and varnishes)

• Building equipment and appliances

• Machines, tools (mixers, Vibro-equipment, machines for flooring, electrical equipment)

• Design of premises (home and office interiors, interior decorations)

• Services in the construction industry



• Ventilation and air conditioning

• Insulating (thermal and hydro) materials

• Utilities (water, heat, gas, electricity, sewerage, communications)

          Heating equipment. sanitary engineering

• Security (security equipment, fire fighting protective clothing, personal protective equipment, etc.)



• Wooden housing construction

• Engineering support facilities for low-rise building

• foundation engineering

• Materials and technologies of low-rise construction:

- Masonry (brick, wood, concrete blocks, etc.);

- Monolithic (concrete, expanded clay, formwork elements, etc.);

- Frame (wooden structures, steel structures, etc.);

- Panels and panel board (wooden boards, panels of metal

- Structural sandwich panels, etc.);

• Landscape Construction:

- Artificial ponds, fountains, waterfalls

- Arbors, children's playgrounds

- Fences

- Small architectural forms


Cleaness - the first time in the Forum!

• Equipment, tools and accessories for professional cleaning of buildings and urban infrastructure

• Machines for cleaning and garbage collection

• Chemicals


• Overalls and labor protection


About Forum and Exhibition 2015

77 companies - participants from 27 cities of Russia and Belarus, including companies representing 12 countries of the world production

92.6% of the participants achieved their goals of participation

The total exhibition area - 3436 sq.m.

4504 visitors

77.2% of visitors - professionals, 22.8% - private individuals

64.3% of visitors are competent to make and influence decisions

72.4% of visitors work in the construction industry (construction, manufacturing, decoration and renovation of premises, design of buildings and structures), of which 7.6% in the retail and wholesale trade

97.9% of the visitors are planning to visit the exhibition in 2016 (of which accurately plan 85.7%)

Based on the results of market research, the total potential Buyers (purchasing power) of visitors of exhibitions in 2015 averaged

582 610 663 rubles.

The investments planned by specialists of the construction industry during a visit to the exhibitions - an average of about 488,734,859 rubles.

On average, each visitor is willing to spend on the purchase of goods / contracting about 840,285 rubles.

On each of the exhibitors accounted for about 7,282,633 rubles planned investments.

The business program of the Forum in 2015 formed with the activities organized by:

Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Tatarstan,

 Union of the Republic of Tatarstan builders

 Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan,

 ASSO "NP SRO" Regional Association of Construction Organization "with the support of the Russian Union of Builders,

 ACPO "Community of builders of RT"

 ROOR "Union of utility companies of the Republic of Tatarstan"

 JSC "Giproniiaviaprom"

 Interregional Association of labor protection,

 ANO "Kama Center of cluster development of small and medium-sized businesses", as well as exhibitors.


Kazanskaya Yarmarka JSC
Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the Republic of Tatarstan
State Housing Fund under the President of the Republic of Tatarstan
Kazan City Municipality
Union of Builders of the Republic of Tatarstan



Contact details for foreign exhibitors:

Head of International Cooperation – Yulia Sokolova

Tel / fax: +7 (843) 570 51 13


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